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SAP NetWeaver Training & Certification

About SAP NetWeaver Training Course

Created by industry experts, this comprehensive SAP NetWeaver training course is curated in synchronization with the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (the latest version). The training will make you an expert in various aspects of SAP NetWeaver including SAP NetWeaver Application Server, SAP Business Process Management, User Productivity, Business Analytics and Information Management, Master Data Management and Master Data Governance, Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solution Manager, and SAP NetWeaver Security Solutions. Also, several case studies and hands-on projects have been included in the training to ensure that each learner would be able to ponder and implement SAP NetWeaver best practices.

                                                          SAP NetWeaver Course Content


SAP NetWeaver Application Server Exploring SAP HANA,Exploring SAP NetWeaver,Describing the Components of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS),Developing with SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and AS Java


SAP Business Process Management (SAP BPM) Exploring SAP Process Integration (SAP PI),Describing the Use of Web Services as a Basis for Service-oriented Architecture (SOA),Describing SAP Business Process Management (SAP BPM),Describing the Key Capabilities of SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO),Describing the Key Capabilities of HANA Cloud Integration (HCI),Describing SAP Business Rules Management (SAP BRM),Describing the Basics of Application Interface Framework (AIF)


User Productivity Explaining SAP Enterprise Portal,Integrating SAP Applications into SAP Enterprise Portal,Describing Knowledge Management and Collaboration Functionalities of SAP Enterprise Portal,Exploring SAP HANA Cloud Portal,Examining SAP User New Experience,Exploring SAP NetWeaver Mobile Platform


Business Analytics and Information Management Analyzing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Persistence,Analyzing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data,Provisioning,Analyzing Business,Intelligence (BI) with Business Objects,Explaining SAP In-memory Computing


Master Data Management and Master Data Governance Describing SAP Master Data Governance


Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solution Manager Explaining the Challenges of Application Lifecycle Management,Explaining the Use of SAP Solution Manager,Using SAP Solution Manager for System Administration,Describing the Features of SAP,Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM)


SAP NetWeaver Security Solutions Describing SAP NetWeaver Security Solutions

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