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SAP HANA Training

About SAP HANA Certification Training Course
This SAP HANA online training from NIERP will ensure that you get a good grasp of SAP HANA fundamentals and learn and deploy real-time analytics. HANA is an on-premise application that is used for gathering real-time insights. In this SAP HANA training, you will learn SAP HANA Studio, modelling, Security features and various other aspects. You will understand why SAP HANA is a fundamentally different database engine upon the completion of this SAP HANA course.

                                                       SAP HANA Course Content


Approaching SAP HANA Introduction to In-Memory Computing – Fundamentals of SAP HANA, What SAP HANA Can do, What SAP HANA Can’t do. High-Performance functionalities in SAP HANA – In-Memory computing, Columnar store database, Massive Parallel Processing, Data Compression. SAP HANA for Non-SAP Use Cases – SAP HANA for Non – SAP Analytics, SAP HANA for Non-SAP Applications. SAP HANA Database Architecture, SAP HANA Landscapes and Scenarios.


Introduction to HANA Studio Add SAP HANA System – Perspectives, Administration, Modeling, Development Plan Viz. Folders- Catalog, Content, Provisioning, Security.SAP HANA Database SQL Script – HANA Database SQL Basics, types of statements, data types, operators, expressions, basic query execution, Sub-query, Joins, Expressions, Loops, Sub-queries. Catalog – Schema, Table, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, Index, Synonyms, Sequences, Triggers. Provisioning – SDA [Smart Data Access]. Security – Users, Roles.


SAP HANA Modelling Introduction – Types of Models, Attribute Views, Joins, Using Filter Operations, Creating Restricted & Calculated Columns, Using Hierarchies. Analytic Views – Star Schema design, Multi-Dimensional modeling, Using Variables, Using Input parameters, Advantages & Limitations.


Calculation Views (GUI) Dimension Calculation View – Star Join Calculation view, OLTP Calculation view, Using Projection, Using Join, Using Aggregation, Using Union, Using Rank. Calculation Views (Scripted) – CE functions Introduction, Creating Content Procedure.


Analytic Privileges Classical Analytic Privileges, SQL Analytic Privileges, Dynamic analytic Privileges.Turning Business Rules into Decision tables.Table Functions.


In-depth Modeling Union Pruning, Refactoring information models, Schema Mapping, Propagate to schematics, Show Lineage, Find Where used, Schema Mapping, Generating Time Data.


Modelling (Cont.) Using Time Travel, Migrating deprecated Information models, Using Currency Conversion. Web-based Modeling Workbench. Advanced HANA SQL script -Temporary tables, Triggers, Exceptions Handling.


Full-Text Search Overview, Datatypes & full-text Indexes, Using Full-text search. Application Life Cycle Management – Transport Using Developer mode, Transport Using Delivery Unit mode, Change management. Analyzing Query Performance- Explain Plan, Visualize plan, Performance trace.


Data Provisioning Data Provisioning – Data provisioning using SLT, Data Acquisition with BODS, Data Provisioning with Flat File upload


Data Provisioning (Cont.) Data Provisioning using Direct, Extractor Connection, Security and Authorizations, Introduction to Lumira, Using Lumira Prepare, Visualize compose data.


ABAP Programming for SAP HANA How SAP HANA affects the ABAP development process, introducing the ABAP development tools (ABAP in Eclipse), how to take ABAP to HANA, using SAP HANA as a secondary database, the various issues in performance and functional aspects encountered in SAP HANA migration, understanding the ABAP Test Cockpit, Code Inspector, Profiler, Trace and SQL Trace, improving the performance with SQL performance tuning and monitoring, guidelines and rules when deploying ABAP for SAP HANA.


Accessing data stored in SAP HANA What is New Open SQL, definition of advanced views by deploying Core Data Services in ABAP, creating CDS associations, how to implement authorization checks using CDS with ABAP, SAP HANA Objects in ABAP, how to consume SAP HANA views using ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity) and native SQL in ABAP, using the ADBC and native SQL to consume SAP HANA database procedures.


Sap HANA Cloud -Modelling Core Modelling, Schema: Space in Memory, Table: Data Storage, Loading Sample.


Sap HANA cloud – Analytical View
Advanced Modelling, Attribute View, Analytical View, Calculation View


Sap HANA cloud Extraction Of Data SLT: Sap Landscape Transformation, Real-Time Replication Data Process, BODS: Business Object Data Services-> Extraction Transformation Loading, DXC: Direct Extractor Connector: SAP BW or DW, SDA: Smart Data Access: Remotely Virtual Table, SDI: ETL Virtua into PYS.


Advanced Topics SAP HANA Dynamic tiring, Delta Merge, SDI [Smart Data Integration], SAP HANA has Application Platform, SAP HANA cloud, L Procedures, R Procedures, Partitioning of tables, Introduction to AFL, PAL, BFL.

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