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SAP HANA Administration Certification Training

About SAP HANA Administration Certification Training Course

The NIERP SAP HANA Administration and Operations training will help you learn SAP HANA administration tools, security and user management, system management and availability, data provisioning and integration with non-SAP systems and more. You will deploy SAP HANA Studio, automate through OS scripts, command line admin tools through hands-on projects and case studies.

               SAP HANA Administration and Operations Course Content


SAP HANA Landscape Introduction to SAP HANA, what is SAP HANA, how SAP HANA is a revolutionary database with real-time analytics features, the various components of SAP HANA, the various scenarios in SAP HANA and understanding the SAP HANA guides.


Architecture of SAP HANA Understanding what is SAP HANA persistence, what is sizing in SAP HANA, how to achieve scale out in SAP HANA, how SAP HANA achieves in-memory computation, what is columnar database, how SAP HANA is so fast compared to other tools.


Overview of SAP HANA tools Administrating SAP HANA with the SAPA HANA Studio which is an eclipse-based tool, client tool to access local and remote HANA systems, information modeling and data provisioning in HANA database with HANA Studio, working with DBA Cockpit which is used to monitor, control, configure, and administer the SAP HANA database.


SAP HANA installation (Pre & Post) Preparing the SAP HANA installation, preparing hardware requirements, preparing for OS environment, installing the GUI component, reviewing the SAP HANA installation, the steps to be followed once SAP HANA is installed, auditing the process.


SAP HANA operations Understanding the various operations in SAP HANA, starting and stopping of SAP HANA, how to successfully deploy backup and recovery on SAP HANA, maintaining the users and authorizations, ensuring periodic manual tasks, SAP HANA Studio & DBA Cockpit for monitoring, managing the software lifecycle, troubleshooting the HANA system, updating the SAP HANA and SAP HANA Studio, enabling of high availability of SAP HANA.


Data Provisioning in SAP HANA Leveraging SAP HANA technology and integration architecture for enriching, cleansing and transforming data from disparate sources, how to configure the data replication with the SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), using SAP Data Services for configuring data replication, configuring Direct Extraction Connector (DXC)


SAP HANA monitoring and troubleshooting Monitoring SAP HANA database availability and most important system metrics, how memory is being used, getting notifications when any resource is overutilized, freeing up the resources, troubleshooting to ensure the critical services are running, monitoring using SAP HANA Studio and DBA Cockpit, understanding remote support in SAP HANA.


Software Lifecycle Management SAP HANA software for lifecycle management procedures, customizing and updating of SAP HANA and SAP HANA Studio, managing SAP HANA content products and transports, platform lifecycle management for installing and customizing SAP HANA platform, application lifecycle management for managing SAP HANA content products and transports.


Migration to SAP HANA using DMO Migrating from an SAP system to the SAP HANA database, Database Migration Option (DMO) for combined update and migration to SAP HANA, DMO preparation, DMO procedure for start, configuration and monitoring, deploying the benchmarking tool, SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) for system maintenance.

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